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Getsaa's Hub 1.0

This is Getsaa's Hub's biggest update yet.

  • Completely renovated - The website had a facelift and now looks good :)

  • Changelog Page - This one!.

  • GGPS FAQ Page - Get rid of all your doubts regarding Getsaa GDPS.

  • 404 Page - Before, when you tried to access a site that did not exist, you would see the default 404 page for 000webhost (The host I use for this web page), now I made a completely new one.

  • Amogus Page - I made a new page for Amogus cuz haha amogus funni (Actually, I made it for fun and it's completely irrelevant).

  • Fanarts Page - Those beautiful Fan-Arts already had a space in my heart, and now they have one on my website :D.