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Getsaa's Hub

A website for showcase my personal projects

Who am i?

I am Getsaa, a 14 yo guy who has been making music since 2018, I am trying to learn to draw but I am not very good at it until now. I'm also a beginner in some programming languages like HTML, JavaScript, etc. My favorite videogame is Geometry Dash, i play it since the v1.6 was released, and is the best update in my opinion. I love learn new languages, i'm learning Russian and i speak "fluid" english.

What do i do?

I'm a web developer, i'm working on my GDPS, a website for showcase my GDPS, and i'm also working on a Discord Webhook Sender, a website for send webhooks to Discord servers.

My Projects

Getsaa GDPS

My Geometry Dash Fangame, with new servers, new mods, and more.

Go to the Getsaa GDPS
Discord Webhook Sender

A simple web app that I made to send webhooks and messages to Discord servers. It's currently in development.

Mask'd Night

Mask'd Night is a FNF Fangame that i'm currently working on with my friend Valerange and many others.

My Social Media

Getsaa's Hut (Spanish Only)
Join my Discord Server!
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